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The present and future at LINUM.

A lot is happening in retail, our beloved industry which has faced both success and adversity over the past twenty years. Around the turn of the millennium, as part of the rapid development of what was then called the world wide web, game changing e-commerce also emerged. Never before had the retail business changed so rapidly. In this post, we take a look in the rear-view mirror, catch up with the present and prepare for tomorrow.

LINUM FROM 1990 TO THE 2010s.

LINUM, which has existed since 1966, was already a well-established brand thirty years ago. The brand expanded at traditional retailers such as Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm and European department stores such as Le Bon Marché and powerful German retail chains such as XXXLUTZ. At that time, LINUM’s product range was very broad and extensive, including fabric that was sold by the metre. The company ran several subsidiaries and had offices in both Germany and France each with their own sales force. The warehouses were located in Europe and there was also a large network of active agents. Some countries had their own special collections, such as the LINUM Elements sub-collection which originates from this time.

LINUM’s product range was previously very broad and also included fabric that could be purchased by the metre.

LINUM FROM THE 2010s TO 2016.

A few years after 2010, LINUM changed ownership and a new CEO was appointed. The company relocated from its founding city of Uppsala to Stockholm and introduced a new strategic brand positioning in order to make their vision even clearer: to supply high-quality home textiles for the entire home. Both LINUM’S image and product range needed an update in order to become more contemporary. The company retained all its previous relationships on the manufacturing side, but made changes to the design. And LINUM also changed it´s logo and visual style. The brand underwent a complete makeover.

LINUM’S updated logo and new visual design conveyed a much more urban feel.

LINUM FROM 2016 TO 2021.

In 2016, LINUM, which until then had been sold exclusively via retail chains, launched its own e-commerce site, www.linumdesign.com. The introduction of our own webshop came relatively late, but grew rapidly. Thanks to an established brand recognition in Europe, there was already a large customer base. Many welcomed the fact that the entire LINUM product range was now available online. During this period, LINUM also revised its retail operation and began a cooperation with Amazon in 2018. A digital journey had begun.


In recent years, LINUM has positioned itself digitally and is a strong player in the home and interior design market with a rich network of skilled online retailers, such as Boozt.com and Ambiendo. Every day the webshop makes deliveries all over Europe and the US, and the business continues to grow annually. LINUM has also opened a flagship store at Karlavägen 64 in Stockholm and operates its own mini-stores in German and French via amazon.com. In 2019, the final seasonal collection was released. LINUM has since chosen to create a more niche product line, as we want to fully stand by everything we manufacture. With the same vision from 1966 to provide textiles for the entire home, we now also have a strong focus on sustainability. Using natural materials such as linen, cotton and silk, we strive to deliver a product that ages with dignity. That is why we often mention our desire to create a collection that will last through several generations.

Did you know that LINUM runs online shops via Amazon? We are available at both amazon.de/linum andamazon.fr/linum.