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This is LINUM.

It all began with a friendship and a vision. LINUM was founded over 50 years ago when an unexpected friendship blossomed between a Swedish globe- trotters design ideas and two Indian brothers business- and craftsmanship.

During a journey to India in 1966 LINUM’S founder, Sven Kempe, met two ambitious brothers and what would become a lifelong friend- and partnership begun. They shared visions and values concerning quality and durability and wished to create long lasting products in harmony with both nature and humans.

The photos in this article are taken by the photographer Jonas Ingerstedt on set among our manufacturers in India 2016.

LINUM’S intention today is to create timeless and usable products for the urban home. We prefer a few classics made of top quality, to numerous mass- produced batches that only last a short time. With a unique color pallet, we stabilize our assortment and secure that whenever you buy a product from us, you can find a matching one years later.

LINUM’S close connection to nature and belief in long lasting quality also affects our use of resources – both natural and human. Ever since those first weavings in 1966, we have been on the forefront of what sustainable production means, with high standards for the working environment and a minimal impact on our planet. With the brothers in India (whose work still makes up 70% of LINUM’S production) we ensure that a majority of our orders are ISO 1400-1 certified; we exclusively use Eco-Tex approved colouring within a closed water system, and 94 % of the water is reused during the colouring process, the rest evaporates. Our production utilizes no chemicals that could be a harmful to your health.

Inspired by the Swedish nature, with its gentle, pleasing shades and stylish shapes, we create tactile textures that only become more beautiful over time. Our design team draw patterns by hand and the inspiration comes from small Swedish getaways like Rättvik in Dalarna but also from outstanding icons like actress Ingrid Bergman and her impeccable style. Altogether we create usable products with elaborated details and a sophisticated, Swedish look and feel. That’s our key.