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Trends with Stefan Nilsson; Kings & Colours.

Stefan Nilsson, or Trendstefan as he is known in the Swedish media, is constantly searching for new trends and phenomena. His office is based in Milan, or Paris, or in any other world metropolis where he happens to be and then only for a day or so before he’s on the move again. Stefan Nilsson is searching for the future, for what we consumers will like, dislike, buy or rave about a year from now.

During the pandemic, the world came to a standstill. We stopped travelling, meeting friends and family and limited our everyday life to our homes. The lifting of restrictions throughout Europe and large parts of the world has sparked a growth in human curiosity and a desire to discover new things. We long for renewal, entertainment and, above all, inspiration. In social media, we look for new trends and ideas that can provide “food for thought” and boost our creativity and our desire to create. In Stefan Nilsson’s and LINUM’s series, we’ll present four exciting trends and colour combinations that we hope will feel new, interesting and maybe even a little daring.

The future is here! The Kings & Colours trend has a cheeky forward-looking aesthetic to it. Will we end up living on Mars? And what will that be like? Now, it may be a while before we can set ourselves up on the ‘red planet’, but glass will be one of the interior details. We see glass walls, cabinets and room dividers that can have a wavy or bubbly effect to make it difficult to see through them clearly. I have even seen bathtubs and sinks in clear glass. Challenging!

Make the most of “glitter”.

I see glass in chandeliers and how to play with coloured glass. For example, have you had a chance to check out all the colourful candlesticks and wine glasses that are out there? They fit perfectly with this trend. Generally speaking, I’d say “glitter and gloss” is on its way back. For a while now, everything’s been matt, matt and more matt. From walls to products. It’s time to make way for glitter and gloss. The walls of Europe’s trend exhibitions are painted in high-gloss colours. They almost sparkle. Exciting and quirky – but a long-awaited comeback?

The planet’s red colour.

Mars is rust red, almost orange, a key colour in this trend. High energy! Match with airline grey, fuchsia, mint green and baby blue. Put these colours together and they bring to mind a classic gym shoe. When I look at the cool new stores in London, Paris or Milan, it’s easy to see how exactly these shades have become part of the interior. In 2022, Balenciaga designed a store in London that was completely covered in fuchsia-coloured faux fur. So this trend is not only futuristic, it’s also very youthful. It’s about party and glam. It’s busy. Maybe even a little provocative?

The royal crown on works.

When I talk about trends, I often reference art. This trend is no different. This one gives a nod to neo expressionism, which is making a comeback. Not sure about what that really means? Simply described, it is a colour explosion, but with clear figures. Such as American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, an artist who at the moment can be considered very trendy. In fact, his works are everywhere. His figures with dinosaurs and royal crowns appear on T-shirts and plates. But why Basquiat? It is, of course, about references. “Have you got a Jean-Michel Basquiat? I have!”. Expect his royal crowns to appear on patterns in lots of unexpected places in future.

The smiley turns 50 years old.

Did you know that the smiley symbol turns 50 this year? Just like the art from Basquiat, the figure has a 70s and 80s vibe about it. Expect to see different interpretations of this happy face. Why not spray your own smiley on a plain vase? When I talk to my friends, the colour experts at NCS, they (and I) believe this is the colour combination we can expect to see on products. But don’t worry, you don’t need to repaint your living room in orange and have fuchsia-coloured mouldings. Maybe it’s more like you have a grey sofa but add a little mint green and orange cushion cover?