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LINUM’s TRIVESO rugs are manufactured by the best craftsmen in the world. It makes every piece unique.
Discover TRIVESO

With your home in mind

Floors come in all shapes and sizes. Making your home decoration easier, we have created three usable dimensions and colours. Handmade and in 100% wool, this is a rug that ages with grace.

The true colours

We decided to launch TRIVESO in six timeless shades, the classic blue, dusty green and energising yellow, the gentle pink, misty grey and earthy brown. The colours are made with traditional wooden floors in mind and blend in in various surroundings. All and all, six commercial colours guarantees a warm welcome.

Our complete selection

LINUM has a carefully curated range of rugs, each of which is designed by the team at LINUM and manufactured by hand by the best craftsmen in the world. Each and every one is unique, and stocks are very limited. We only use natural materials, so these rugs ages beautifully and their unique composition is a part of their individuality and signature style.


It’s no secret that a rug can make it or break it, when it comes to home decoration. It serves an usable purpose as well as an aesthetic. Anyhow, it can for sure impact the complete atmosphere and become the fundamental piece everything else is build around.

When we created TRIVESO, we wanted to design a mini capsule, available in three sizes that could be used anywhere in the home. We also thought it was important to focus on practical, modern colours that people would consider using while decorating. We also wanted our rugs to be easy to work with, in terms of both quality and applications. They had to be easy to care for, while also being simple to relocate and store. Thanks to these factors, TRIVESO rug is now a favourite for many LINUM customers and can be found adorning living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and patios everywhere.

LINUM also offers a limited selection of rugs in addition to its TRIVESO range. All of them are designed in Stockholm but generally manufactured in India by the world’s top craftsmen. This means that every piece is made by hand and is therefore unique. We offer a very limited assortment and you may be just one of fifty owners of a particular rug. Our range also includes CITIZEN and BROOKLYN in two different colours each, which were produced together with Swedish manufacturer KASTHALL. In 2017, CITIZEN won the Rug of the Year award from ELLE Decoration magazine.