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A true LINUM classic.

This usable collection is one our signature programs consisting of classically ribbed runners and placemats in a rich color scheme.
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Infinite combinations.

ROBERT Napkins.

About UNI.

UNI is a typical LINUM product featured in the range for decades. The classic ribbed texture is the signature of the placemat and runner, along with their rich colours. Over the years, UNI has had several names, including GRAN, TALL and LIND, but all the products came under the name of UNI in 2020.

UNI is colour-coordinated with the ROBERT napkins and PEPPER seat cushion and cushion cover. Together, they make a practical and highly durable set for kitchens and tables. Made in 100% cotton with simple washing instructions, UNI is a vital part of modern place settings. UNI comes in over 20 different colours, with new ones added constantly and old ones withdrawn. Several new shades were released in 2020, including Burgundy Red and Camel Brown.

UNI is also stocked on Amazon. LINUM has been on the platform since 2018, and is sold in several European countries, including the UK, German and France. Thousands of placemats and runners are sold every year all over the world, which truly says something about how highly-regarded UNI is as a range. UNI can be used all year-round, and is not a seasonal product. A rich spectrum of red, green and white shades are available for Christmas, with yellow for Easter and pastel colours for the summer. In the autumn, there is a range of earthy colours, such as orange and mustard yellow. Many customers celebrate special occasions with UNI runners and underlays, such as birthdays and other anniversaries.

“UNI is a fantastic volume product, which we are proud to be able to market. Hardly a day goes by without us seeing one of our most popular product groups in the sales statistics.”
Therese Carlqvist, LINUM e-commerce Manager