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WEST – the eternal collection

Originally launched by LINUM in 2003, WEST is now one of the leading linen ranges on the market.

Annika Ekblom, LINUM’s production leader, has devoted the intervening years to enhancing this popular range. With her long-standing experience from the textile industry, she is keen to offer insights into the collection, which over the years, has become one of LINUM’s best-selling lines.

The cloth in WEST is woven and dyed in Lithuania where it is then made up into the products for the collection based on LINUM’s designs. The twin hem stitching is inspired by classic denimwear and the corners of the napkins are neatly mitered. Such attention to detail shows that the products are made with precision and care. After it has been hemmed, each article is washed and dried to produce its distinctive, raw appearance.

WEST is simple to use, wash and dry and retains its shape without ironing. Alternatively if pressed, the table linens become more sophisticated and formal, making WEST ideal for any occasion. Designed to grace every room in the home, this is a collection of soft furnishings that will last for years and age with dignity. With its versatility, WEST offers endless options, and the classic palette of subtle Nordic shades makes WEST an eternal collection.

WEST comprises bedspreads, curtains and cushion covers – soft furnishings for the bedroom and the living room alike. We also offer tactile tablecloths with matching cloth napkins for a more sustainable future. The durable fabric is machine washable at 40 degrees time and time again, allowing it to be used for everyday dining. Meaning we don’t have to save these table linens for “best” and celebrations!


Annika Ekblom has been with LINUM since 2006, in product development and production. She is a graduate of Handarbetets Vänners Skola in Stockholm, Sweden, and specialised in tapestry weaving. As an expert on textile arts and weaving techniques, she also has a passion for textiles development and quality.