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When we get to choose

There is often a curiosity surrounding what employees themselves would pick from the assortments they work with daily: who likes cushion covers, and who buys mainly for the kitchen? We asked three members of our team about rugs they themselves have bought, and why they fell for them.

Matilda, PR

A rug that I think really stands out in our assortment is BROOKLYN, in the meadow green colourway. I think it has a unique look – its slightly offbeat pattern is something I haven’t seen anywhere else. Personally, I love colour in everything from clothes to interiors, and I’ve completely fallen for this rug’s green elements. I think the design is balanced and well considered; the monochrome black and beige play off the more expressive meadow green, which adds personality and character. It’s easy to match with other interiors, in either colourful or more toned-down styles. Having a rug that doesn’t steer the rest of the interiors in one specific direction but instead allows for variety is important to me! Plus I‘m very keen on the fact that it’s a high-pile rug – it makes the space feel amazingly inviting and cosy.

With BROOKLYN, I also have to mention its genuine, sterling craftsmanship. It is made in the Swedish town Kinna, in collaboration with Kasthall, the established rug producer. Every rug is hand-tufted, and a much-appreciated touch is that the reverse of each rug features a leather label with the name of who made it and the date of completion.

Mats, Retail

My interiors style at home is quite pared-back and clean, with a lot of single-colour items in different shades of grey. For this reason, I have long been on the lookout for a living room rug that will fit this monochrome look but also add something extra, stand out. Which is why, as a new member of the team, I was so happy to discover the flat-woven, wool TERRACE in LINUM‘s assortment. The lively graphic pattern truly lifts the mood in my home. The combination of the earthy grey, brown and beige tones fits well with the other monochrome accents in my home, and its multi-faceted palette also makes it easy to pair with and add other coloured items to the palette.

Matilda, E-commerce

My favourite rug from our assortment is the hand-woven BRANDO, which I have chosen to place in our home’s most used space, the living room. I love the green and blue colour scheme – shades that merge beautifully with the rest of our interiors in muted beiges and greys. What I like about BRANDO is the fact that it’s eye-catching without taking over. The broad, different-coloured stripes mean that the rug can hold its own, while the subtly mottled weave also softens it slightly. The rug brings a lively but harmonious feel to the room – quite simply the perfect balance!

I am also quite practically inclined, and think that flat-woven rugs are perfect. Sure, hand-tufted, high-pile rugs like BROOKLYN and CITIZEN can feel more cosy and maybe nicer to walk on, but a flat-woven rug doesn’t gather as much dust. Something that suits me to a tee, as vacuuming isn’t my favourite pastime.