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Your green Holiday table.

Green, white and grey hues have long been associated with Christmas holidays. Already at the end of November we start preparing for December's many celebrations by replacing the everyday cushion covers and curtains. This year we at LINUM want to inspire memorable moments together around the table, where it is perhaps just the small, intimate moments we particularly want to seize.

LINUM’s green hues have always been immensely popular. It almost doesn’t matter what tone we present, as everyone seems equally strong. This year, a beautiful colour palette in green, can be seen in the tactile pillow case TAYLOR. The pattern also recurs in the useful placemat that we like to combine with HEDVIG tablecloth in cream or black. The HEDVIG series also includes napkins, which complete the table setting.

Photography and styling Emma Johansson and Emelie Sundberg.

At LINUM, we are very fond of the CALCIO pillow case, a distinctive stripe against a cream-colored background. The pillow case is beautiful to combine with single-colored pillow cases, but also works nicely with, for example, the mini capsule TAYLOR. The measure of CALCIO makes the case more exciting and its mangled surface creates an exclusive glow we really like.

Beautiful green shades in the pillow case and placemat TAYLOR.

In our table setting, colors and qualities are welcome to speak. It doesn’t have to be so remedied. A wrinkle on the tablecloth is just beautiful, as is a slightly sloppy rolled-up napkin. Our pillows rest relaxed on the chairs and in the flower arrangements it is creativity that takes the most space, not perfection. It should be convenient to go to the table, easy to wash and smooth to set the table off and on. Christmas should not only be merry, but also without any requirements.

CALCIO has an odd measurement that makes the case more eye-catching.

Photo & Styling: Emma Johansson and Emelie Sundberg