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Your red Holiday table.

Red, white and grey hues have long been associated with the Christmas holiday. Already at the end of November we start preparing for Advent by replacing everyday tablecloths and curtains. This year we at LINUM want to inspire memorable moments together, where it is perhaps just the small, intimate moments we particularly want to seize.

In this year’s Holiday scene, we have taken an updated approach, but retained some classic elements. The established LINUM stripe is back in the tactile pillow case GABLE, but we also see the narrower stripe CALCIO. In combination with the HEDVIG cushion cover in linen/cotton, we get a lively and inviting expression.

Styling & Photography Emma Johansson and Emelie Sundberg.

The table is set with our popular WEST collection. A timeless series that works all year round. The generous tablecloth is available in two usable sizes and the napkin measures a full 50x50cm, creating an airy and rich impression. WEST is made of 100% linen, but washed, giving the product its living structure. It’s when the canvas can only be, that it does itself the very best.

In our table setting, colors and qualities are welcome to speak. It doesn’t have to be so remedied. A wrinkle on the tablecloth is just beautiful, as is a slightly sloppy rolled-up napkin. Our pillows rest relaxed on the chairs and in the flower arrangements it is creativity that takes the most space, not perfection. It should be convenient to go to the table, easy to wash and smooth to set the table off and on. Christmas should not only be merry, but also without any requirements.

Use west tablecloth all year round for a rich table setting that can be constantly varied.

Photo & Styling: Emma Johansson and Emelie Sundberg.