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4 for 3 on PEPPER seat cushion.

LINUM sells a large number of seat cushions annually, with the PEPPER model being the most popular through the generations.
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UNI runner and placemat.

LINUM’s classic UNI runner and placemat is available in more than 20 colours. It’s colour-matched with ROBERT napkins, to create a complementary table setting. The UNI table mat is sold in 2-pack and in 4-pack for complete flexibility. UNI is made of 100% cotton in a timeless ribbed texture.

This is LINUM.

Inspired by Swedish nature and with the Nordic freshness in mind, LINUM designs home textiles for generations to use. We return time and time again to color, shape and function and want to encourage generous use through a timeless expression, unique color code system and high wear resistance.

LINUM has been around for over half a century and the company’s history began in a cross-country friendship and a shared vision. During a trip to India in 1966, LINUM founder Sven Kempe met two brothers with clear ambitions for their craft. In long conversations, ideology and values of quality, sustainability and production were twisted together. Over time, the bond and the relationship, as well as cooperation, became lifelong. Even today, LINUM is very close to the producers behind our products and we are very grateful for the togetherness we have.

Nowadays we draw creativity and power from the tablecloth we all once received. We’re talking about that classic fabric made of such high quality, that it can’t be disposed of. Instead, it wanders through generations. The grandmother who gives it to her daughter, who passes it further to her daughter. The linen, napkins and usable placemats or cushion covers in their attractive color ranges. The bedspreads in natural materials or the curtains that have seen several seasons shift, but which are still just as beautiful. The circular and sustainable is found in our desire to create products that can be included from time to time.

In the Swedish nature and our cultural heritage, we pick up color and shape. We draw our own patterns and they are all unique to us. In our values are words such as tactile, Swedish and useful, which fatten and feed our work daily. We create from a predetermined color palette, which returns year after year. In this way, a new product can match one that was manufactured decades ago. Add to that the fact that some of our bestselling pillow cases come in over twenty different shades. In other words, LINUM’s range meets different needs and styles in one home’s many spaces and it is in the human beings biological desire to build a nest, we have our core and our mission.