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LINUM's regular assortment tends to centre around two main series: the exclusive PAOLO velvet collection and the useful and versatile UNI & PEPPER series. The PAOLO collection includes double and single bedspreads, cushion covers and curtains. UNI & PEPPER include the popular seat cushions and cushions covers, placemats, runners and napkins. LINUM has chosen to make most of its products in 100% cotton, but linen and silk are also commonly used. LINUM has also consistently worked with its unique colourways system, and several shades return year after year. PAOLO is synonymous with a subtle colour pallette, while UNI & PEPPER come in a broader and bolder colour scale. Both collections feature LINUM’s signature products, i.e. product groups that have been in demand since the company’s foundation in 1966. By refining, developing and conceptualising its products, LINUM aims to design a colourful range that can be used for many generations.
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