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Urban. Sophisticated. PAOLO.

This sophisticated and usable collection made from 100% tactile cotton velvet has been a success from day one.
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A home. The bed. Add a new touch with the generous range of colours to one of your most beloved spaces.
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Cushion covers
Made in three different sizes and available in a sophisticated range of shades, PAOLO is a safe choice.
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Talented craftsmen´s passion for their product is a key point behind retails development and success. But as a brand, it has never been more important than now to review our causes our values. We’re facing an extensive market renaissance in which climate issues will take up ever-increasing amounts of everyone’s time.

Here at LINUM, we can feel there’s a tension in the air that has the potential to turn into something significantly more dramatic than we’ve ever seen before. This feeling inspires us, and it’s been crucial to the ideas we’ve come up with for our major velvet campaign for autumn 2019. We’re focusing on our classic PAOLO collection, and a few new items such as curtains have been added. We’ve worked on the basis of a holistic approach, prioritising the creation of complete series of usable products that have been colour-coordinated on the basis of LINUM’s unique code system. As far as we’re concerned, a lot of hard work goes into every product, so they’re all important. Our customers fully expect to be able to love their bedspreads, cushion covers or curtains for generations as we want to meet demands for increasing sustainability, so our priority is to make a small number of products that we truly believe in and can wholeheartedly support. With keywords such as tactile, refined and sophisticated, our enhancement of PAOLO has focused on all the things we feel are important in our busy day-to-day lives.