LINUM’S interpretations.

Sebastian Bergström interprets LINUM.

We’ve just launched this autumn's big cushion covers campaign, and the spotlight is on LINUM's most beloved products, such as PEPPER, ANNABELL and SHEPARD. LINUM has been an industry leader in colour for many decades, and that’s something writer and colour enthusiast Sebastian Bergström has taken note of in his interpretation of our range.

PEPPER is available in over twenty shades, with the idea of having a colour for each moment.
Sebastian Bergström blogs for ELLE Sweden and also runs the Instagram account mosebacke, where he inspires over 100,000 followers with how he adds colour to his decor. He is also currently in the midst of creating his own physical interior design store, Bientôt, which opens in spring 2024 in Stockholm.

"The shop is a long-standing dream come true. It will be like coming to my house, being inspired by everything you see, but also being able to shop directly on site.”

PEPPER is easy to mix and match, providing a firm base onto which you can add more playful patterns from LINUM’s range, such as SHEPARD.

So began the colour journey.

"There is nothing I like more than inspiring others to start using colour. Many people want to do it, but the question is how? I've been there myself – my home five years ago was black, white and beige, but somewhere, slowly but surely, colour started to creep in, and once you start, you just can’t stop.”

The cushion cover SHEPARD is made of 100% cotton, making it easy to wash and care for.
Sebastian says that he didn’t think he even liked colour. He imagined intense, cold colours and intuitively felt that colour wasn’t for him. Over time, however, he found a colour scheme that appealed to him and picked up an orange-red shade that is still one of his absolute favourites today. After that, more and more colours gradually found their way in.

Sebastian on bold colours at home.

"My top tip if you want to start with colour at home is not to sneak it in on just one thing, but to make sure that the chosen shade appears in several places in the same room or in the home in general. Then it won’t stand out so much from everything else, but becomes a more natural part of your decor.”

ANNABELL is a trusted classic that has become a long-lasting favourite in the modern home.
According to Sebastian, the easiest way to decorate with colour is through textiles. Cushion covers, for example, were Sebastian’s means to a more colourful life. That’s an easy and creative way to start out and to find your own palette. You can also mix bold tones with neutrals such as beige and white for a softer look.

ANNABELL is easy to care for, withstands machine washing at 40°C and has a hidden zip fastening on its lower edge.
”Colour gives me energy; it makes me feel happy and inspired. Even though I've been decorating with colour for five years, I still find new colour combinations that get me excited. My latest shade is pink, which I was once totally against, but now I just love!”

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