LINUM’S interpretations.

Fanny Hamlin interprets LINUM.

In the first interpretation of 2024, interior and set designer Fanny Hamlin gives us a pleasant and low-key photo series in collaboration with Joakim Rolandsson. The look is a great fit for January, a month that often celebrates a slower pace of life.
Hamlin and Rolandsson have put the spotlight on the table runners and placemats from LINUM's signature product range UNI. The focus is on the new winter colour combination, which includes dark blue, ice green, dark grey turquoise and white. The ROBERT napkin also features as it clearly matches the UNI range with its rich spectrum of shades. In their sparse but stylistically strong still life, the classically ribbed structure of the UNI range is paired with objects that reflect the textile’s shape. It’s exciting to see how Hamlin brings out both hard and soft surfaces, and how an everyday object like a placemat can have multiple uses.

Fanny Hamlin on her interpretation.

"The idea of a picture always starts when I see something that inspires me. This could be a photo, a painting, a movie, or just something as simple as a shape or a colour. I love building scenes and rooms where reality doesn't have to be the main focus, but where the idea speaks for itself. The tones and materials of LINUM's products make it easy for me to get an instant sense of the image, and makes me want to create even more. I love the simplicity and structure of UNI, and the colours make me long for cosy breakfasts in the cold January light."

Fanny Hamlin on her inspiration.

"Ever since I saw Paul Thomas Anderson's film Phantom Thread, I've had this urge to create a set table. In the film, he drops the camera on the table for a few seconds before the scene continues. It was enough to spark my inspiration and get my brain cogs turning. And my everlasting love for Maison Margiela's perfect white shade has played a big role in the images."

LINUM on the winter colour palette.

We see a new mix taking shape when we combine the latest dark blue (C16) with ice green (A13) and dark (C97) grey turquoise. When we move away from the timeless blue/white combination in favour of a more temporary palette, the white comes into its own and really breaks through. Ice green is one of LINUM's most sought-after shades, and when combined with dark grey turquoise, the result is a stylish duo. Where we used to prefer black, we are now filling in with dark blue, and suddenly new, creative ideas are emerging around textile looks.

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