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Camel – your new darling!

When Ian Griffiths, the designer behind the classic Italian fashion brand Max Mara, introduced a monochrome look in camel at his autumn show in 2017, we knew the trend was here to stay. We are used to seeing camel as an accent to other appealing seasonal colours, such as green and burgundy, but it is also very beautiful on its own.

LINUM’s creative team is proud of how the camel brown shade is represented in our current product range. Both our new releases and our basic products are available in this colour. For example, we like to put the classic PAOLO cushion cover, made of 100% cotton velvet, with the AMALFI or the CALCIO cushion cover, letting the camel brown go beautifully as a tone-on-tone.

PAOLO 40×60 cm with AMALFI (left) and CALCIO (right).

This season, we are also happy to once again be focusing on RAW, a washed cushion cover in 100% jute, whose surface has a tactile feel. RAW is available in several earthy tones and goes particularly well with VILLAGE, a beautiful cushion cover made of 100% linen.

RAW and VILLAGE in combination.

Another beloved and classic LINUM product in camel brown is the PEPPER cushion cover and seat cushion. The PEPPER seat cushion, made of 100% cotton, can be washed at 40° C without the inner cushion losing its shape, which guarantees a long life span. This useful cushion cover is available in several sizes, hence its popularity. By styling with PEPPER in camel brown, we are further exploring the trend we borrowed from Griffiths and Max Mara.

PEPPER, RAW and VILLAGE in combination.