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How to shop in sales.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of retailers sell off their remaining stock and discontinued products. Sometimes there are so many items to choose from that the selection can seem unending and almost incomprehensible. On the other hand, we know from experience that some sale bargains are so well-loved that we remember them for ever.

At LINUM we offer a rich and varied design sale that covers both basic products for the kitchen and really rare and unusual gems. Our five tips can help you easily navigate through our hand-picked choices so you can buy what you really need and will enjoy.

1. Preparation is key.

We know the sales are coming. So towards the end of the season it makes sense to have a look at the things you are particularly interested in. Mapping out, scouting and narrowing down can make the decision-making process shorter when the lower prices actually appear.

2. Find unique gems.

A good rule of thumb is that most retailers rarely reduce prices on basic products and recurrent classic items, so it might be a good idea to set your sights on the more unique products in the range. For example, at LINUM there are hand-made rugs only produced in small numbers. We can also supply our own classic items that no other producer has access to, so for that reason, a cushion cover, for example, is a particularly good investment.

3. Act now if you can.

Often there is only limited or very limited availability of sale items, as quantities are usually quite low towards the end of the season. If you find something you had decided on, just get it now – don’t wait! Tomorrow it may well be gone. Most retailers today have a nice, easy returns policy, so you can always send the product back if it doesn’t meet your expectations after all.

4. Get a real bargain on things you use every day.

We use kitchen towels a lot. And bath towels regularly. A sale is a really good opportunity to buy things you use regularly in the home, but at slightly better prices. LINUM maintains a consistently high quality, and we have been selling kitchen textiles for decades. So when our prices are lower than normal, it’s a great opportunity to buy things you perhaps otherwise wouldn’t want to spend so much money on.

5. Buy for someone else.

Black Friday in November breaks all records year after year when it comes to shopping and purchasing power. The fact is that more and more people are making sure they buy most of their Christmas presents at reduced prices. When it comes to sales you can take the same approach. Take the opportunity to buy gifts and just hold on to them during the year, giving them away for birthdays, or taking them as hostess gifts and so on. A set of placemats is a much appreciated gift – or why not a set of classic linen napkins?