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Skillad Floral Design interprets LINUM; 3

Just in time for midsummer, we paid a return visit to florist and creator Nika Wahren (Skillad Floral Design) and photographer Pernilla Ahlsén. Nika always has amazing ideas about flower creations using the right type of flowers, and as we needed some good tips on the best way to make a summer wreath, this article was very timely!

Midsummer is Nika’s absolute favourite holiday. She loves the light summer nights, meadows in full bloom and (finally) meeting up with family and friends. Below she shares her step-by-step guide on how to put together a summer wreath.


I use flowers that last nicely in a wreath without drooping: twig roses, star cluster, small daisies, elegance carnations and chrysanthemums. You can of course use wild flowers or flowers picked from your garden.


As a frame, I use a thick steel wire to fasten the flowers to, but you don’t need one. Simply use the stems as a frame instead. I fasten the flowers with a thin steel wire.


The pictures were taken together with our popular and practical HEDVIG table series. HEDVIG is available in several lovely colours and the collection includes tablecloths, napkins, placemats and cushion covers.

Nika Wahren is the floral designer who runs Skillad Floral Design. She styles flowers for events, fashion, weddings, workshops and magazines. Photographs by Pernilla Ahlsén.

Instagram: Skillad Floral Design Website: skilladflorals.com

Photographer: Pernilla Ahlsén