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Slotte & Borg interprets LINUM; 3

The year draws to a close as the last big shopping weekends approach, and we’re looking for new inspiration for all the gatherings around the table during the festive season. LINUM’s ribbed UNI range with runners and placemats is a safe choice, as is the useful napkin ROBERT. Swedish influencer duo Emily Slotte and Caroline Borg have once again left their mark on our range and invite us to try out new table setting ideas.

Emily and Caroline’s latest seasonal styling sees the likes of UNI ribbed runners and placemats, WEST cushion covers, WEST napkins and PEPPER and SHEPARD cushion covers.

What were your thoughts regarding this year’s Christmas styles?

Well, like little children, we dream of having a crisp white Christmas every year, where the snow covers the ground like a glittering blanket. It’s precisely in white, winter landscapes that our strongest Christmas memories are rooted, and we wanted to pick up on that in our interpretation when setting the table for an inviting Advent coffee get-together.

When it comes to setting the table, what do you think is important to consider when creating an inviting setting?

We usually think in terms of themes when we set a table, where textiles and porcelain in similar tones are happy to interact and harmonise. Unlike previous generations, it’s not as common to have a large set of the same crockery at home these days, but one tip can be to stick to a certain colour and size of plates when building the crockery storage. It’s also nice if tablecloths and napkins are colour-matched.

Do you have any fresh tips to share when it comes to table settings and dinner parties at Christmas time?

Think simple! You’ll go a far with a few good cheeses and a little mixed selection of festive flavours. If there’s one holiday where conviviality is a little extra important, it’s Christmas, and then you don’t want to being standing in the kitchen while the guests socialise – you’d like to sit down with them around the table. You can put a few final touches to that lovely dessert you’d prepared beforehand: red-wine-marinated pears or soft, butter-fried gingerbread with a dollop of cream. When it comes to setting the table, it’s something we usually prepare early in on the evening instead of waiting until the last moment. You can be as late as you like with the food, as long as the guests come to a set table and lit candles, and get something good in their glasses.

Do you have a special tradition you’d like to draw our attention to?

Both of us have children, and we’ve all fallen into the Nordic Christmas calendar trap at some point until we realise how much work and wastage it involves, with all the small packages for the kids every day throughout December. A gift calendar still brings back quite strong childhood memories, but we’d like to strike a blow for Advent gifts instead. Something small and thoughtful to give away every Sunday when the Advent candles are lit instead of every day. And it doesn’t have to be limited to something you do for the children – it’s just as much fun to have as a tradition with your partner or friend. Find something nice for the Christmas table at the second hand store and wrap it in a linen napkin. Then the wrapping will be as prized as its contents – and the recipient will have something nice for their Christmas dinner table on the 24th.