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Trends with Stefan Nilsson; Blushing Brides.

Stefan Nilsson, or Trendstefan as he is known in the Swedish media, is constantly searching for new trends and phenomena. His office is based in Milan, or Paris, or in any other world metropolis where he happens to be and then only for a day or so before he’s on the move again. Stefan Nilsson is searching for the future, for what we consumers will like, dislike, buy or rave about a year from now.

During the pandemic, the world came to a standstill. We stopped travelling, meeting friends and family and limited our everyday life to our homes. The lifting of restrictions throughout Europe and large parts of the world has sparked a growth in human curiosity and a desire to discover new things. We long for renewal, entertainment and, above all, inspiration. In social media, we look for new trends and ideas that can provide “food for thought” and boost our creativity and our desire to create. In Stefan Nilsson’s and LINUM’s series, we’ll present four exciting trends and colour combinations that we hope will feel new, interesting and maybe even a little daring.

Sensual Blushing Brides.

Sensual, sensory and tactile. Blushing Brides is a warm and comfortable trend in soft tones. The base is beige and nude colours, offset by contrasting shades that make the trend slightly ‘poppy’. Add a nice grey tone, cinnamon brown, chocolate or even salmon pink or coral red. Terracotta in all its varieties works well with this trend. Sandstone matches the decor and can be repeated in a coffee table or candlestick. And then there’s plenty of clay, such as on a sculpture or just a splash of colour.

A sensual trend.

This is a trend that works with all the senses. You need to be able to feel it on your fingertips and even smell it. Room scents are nothing new, but the way we talk about them is. Now we want scents that make us think of the good things in life, and they mustn’t be as intense as before. They should lead our minds gently to a summer’s evening, to peace, a midnight soak. Speaking of sensuality – expect to see plenty of transparency.

A flirt with vintage.

A trend where the shades are slightly nostalgic and there’s a clear flirt with vintage. Here you’ll find both old and new stuff in equal measure. All manner of stripes, but most popular will be those typically seen in the Mediterranean. Hay, straw and bast. Mallorca, Amalfi or the French Riviera? Bistro is a clear reference. The look is porcelain and slightly thicker glass. We say goodbye to our Swedish “fika” and replace it with “bonjour mon amour”. A fun detail is how the classic bistro curtain is back. By that we mean a half-curtain that covers the lower part of the window. And we’re seeing lace make a comeback… And of course seashells and conches in all their shapes and varieties.

Decorate with quirky art.

In fact, renewing your decor needn’t be expensive. Why not throw a blanket over an old armchair to get a new look or add a new lampshade to an old table lamp? This trend is all about releasing your inner artist and getting creative. Never before have we been as creative with our hands as we are now. Art is important, including for interior decor. Everything becomes artistic and “quirky”. Lamps get curvy feet, plates and bowls become more and more mismatched. The shapes become rounder, more sensual and artistic. And mother of pearl is sneaking in. And that brings us to the return of pearl necklaces. Especially on men! And just like everything else in this trend, they should of course be vintage or recycled. In other words, ideally mum’s discarded pearls …

Text: Stefan Nilsson
Photography: Martin Brunn