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Trends with Stefan Nilsson; Cyber Smoke Rings.

Stefan Nilsson, or Trendstefan as he is known in the Swedish media, is constantly searching for new trends and phenomena. His office is based in Milan, or Paris, or in any other world metropolis where he happens to be and then only for a day or so before he’s on the move again. Stefan Nilsson is searching for the future, for what we consumers will like, dislike, buy or rave about a year from now.

During the pandemic, the world came to a standstill. We stopped travelling, meeting friends and family and limited our everyday life to our homes. The lifting of restrictions throughout Europe and large parts of the world has sparked a growth in human curiosity and a desire to discover new things. We long for renewal, entertainment and, above all, inspiration. In social media, we look for new trends and ideas that can provide “food for thought” and boost our creativity and our desire to create. In Stefan Nilsson’s and LINUM’s series, we’ll present four exciting trends and colour combinations that we hope will feel new, interesting and maybe even a little daring.

Mystical Cyber Smoke Rings.

Of all the trends we are looking at this year, Cyber Smoke Rings is the most beautiful. There is something special about this trend and its balanced colours. An elegant purple with a kind of vanilla or pear yellow, light grey and petrol green. And don’t forget the dusty pink. And a green so dark it’s almost black. Nice, huh!? Interior stylists around the world love this trend.

Find your interior design style through divination.

Petrol and purple are colours often associated with mystery. In my world, for example, witches and sorcery traditionally like and are associated with this colour combination. And as far as trends are concerned, these are colours that are currently very in. Maybe it’s about us wanting to escape this illogical world? During the big Design Week in the Netherlands, design student Ginevra Petrozzi attracted a lot of attention when she proposed interior design solutions based on reading tarot cards. Very weird and great fun! Where to put the sofa? Hmm… according to the cards, you have the “hanging man” so you should put it to the right and it should ideally be in yellow. Think about adding crystals or stones in your home’s colours. The amethyst has a lovely purple shade that fits well into this trend.

Anything fleeting fascinates.

If it’s not mysterious, it needs to be fleeting. This trend is about things we know will disappear. The ephemeral. The idea is to experience it in the here and now before it’s gone. Food gets a new look. As a counter-reaction to the real and the historical, this trend encourages us to eat food that looks like a work of art, such as sweets that look like diamonds. Many of the French fashion houses are working to enhance the experience of right now. The ‘fleeting’ trend also covers flowers. We love to photograph flower arrangements and share them on social media. Expect a season full of dinners with Instagram-friendly dishes and crazy plant arrangements. Art that “disappears” will also have its moment in the spotlight. Just look at Christo’s wrapped works (for example, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris) or other art that only lasts for a certain time.

Do you have a ‘must-have plant of the year’ at home?

Want to know which houseplant is this year’s “must-have” houseplant? It’s quite fascinating that we’ve become so preoccupied with having the right kind of plants at home and that every year there seems to be one that is more ‘in’ than others. Most people have tired of the infamous cheese plant and want to move onto the next one. So this year’s potted plant is… the Peperomia. Now you might wonder what kind of plant this is and the answer is that the Peperomia is a family of easy-care plants, but with a great variety. There are lots of different varieties you can collect, but the most common in the family is the Elephant Ears.

Ceramics remain strong.

There is a lot of pottery in Cyber Smoke Rings. Tiled kitchen, tiles in the hall or why not a piece of furniture lined with tiles? These are thick, preferably handmade tile details in bold colours. Dusty pink, vanilla yellow and this lovely purple shade. Gorgeous! Speaking of materials, you can’t go wrong with distressed copper. The green tone of the metal is easy to achieve. Get a pink tablecloth, a distressed candlestick and a vanilla-yellow candle, and hey presto!

Text: Stefan Nilsson
Photography: Martin Brunn