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What Decorates My Day interprets LINUM; 1

LINUM is pleased to introduce a content theme, exploring how industry professionals interpret our product assortment. We are inspired by others’ eye and feel for our textiles, and don’t believe that we always have to be the originator when it comes to the creative. Which is why we are inviting new faces to share their wealth of ideas.

It is so wonderful to get to welcome in a new season. With spring comes the light, and a brighter colour palette. Our HEDVIG series is one of the widest lines we offer. With seven different colours and just as many product groups, it is a complete collection. One made of a practical 53% linen, 47% cotton blend that brings its tactile, marled surfaces to life. HEDVIG features tablecloths, placemats, runners, napkins, cushion covers, aprons and tea towels, all of which tailor-made for everyday kitchen and dining demands, which is why HEDVIG is washable at 40 degrees.

LINUM’s campaign images are shot by Frida Ström and styled by Linda Jägerström.

We have also carefully curated our commercial shades to suit the year’s every occasion, including a functional creamy beige and a classic salt-and-pepper texture. But we are most proud of our cool pastels in dusty pink, light cypress green and bright grey turquoise. A colour combination that designer, photographer and writer Emma Johansson has captured in an exceptional way. Emma runs the successful Instagram account What decorates my day, and blogs under the same name on the Lovely Life portal.

Emma’s feel for form and composition are the basis of this project, in which the cosiness of the conservatory is key. We also used this chance to ask Emma a few question about design, and how to capture the spirit of early summer in our own home stylings.

First of all, what a beautiful home you have! Can you tell us a little bit about your wonderful conservatory? What is the best thing about it?

Thank you! Yes, it really is very special. The whole family loves spending time there, and my partner and I invite friends over for big dinner parties as often as we can. When we came to view the place (our home is actually a large maisonette in a co-operative housing association of four households) it was the conservatory that got us.

Is there a colour that you never tire of, and that comes up again and again in your home?

I would probably say it has to be green. Almost all of the cabinetwork we have here is painted in different shades of green.

Can you share any tips on what we should think about when pairing colours in cushions and textiles?

I tend to work from colour combinations that have captured my imagination. That could be a bouquet of flowers, a magazine cover or actually anything at all where I think the colours marry perfectly. Which was exactly the feeling I got when styling this conservatory with LINUM cushions. The colours remind me of a type of sweet we used to buy at the market in Jönköping when I was little. Marzipan pieces in pastel shades – pink, green and eggshell.

You buy a fair bit of furniture second hand, but how else do you think people can be more sustainability-smart with their interiors?

By not shopping for the season or constantly keeping up with the latest trends. Choose with care, and choose what you really love. That way it will last.

How can we achieve interiors that are stylish but also comfortable?

With lots of textiles and plants. Greenery adds life, and textiles bring a soft, cosy feel to our rectangular home.


Finally, where in the home do you think linen cushions work best?

Linen cushions work absolutely anywhere – on the bed, on the sofa, on a kitchen chair. Linen is a timeless material that gets only the more beautiful the more it is used and worn.

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